Have You Done Your Homework?

Have You Done Your Homework?

When I was in school I hated two things one was studying and the other was doing the homework. Every evening I had to sit and do my homework, I would feel miserable, I could hear the voices of my friends playing outside and wonder how come they get to play and I have to do this stupid homework, I used to think maybe in college I don’t have to do homework, boy, I was wrong, Then I thought when I start working I don’t have to do any more homework, I was sadly mistaken again. I found that you have to do your homework every day and if you don’t, it will affect and show in your results.

I remember my first job…
I had newly joined this leather company, the boss Mr Dhingra asked me how much cow leather do we have in stock, my answer, I will check and let you know, what model number is under production, I had no answers to the questions he asked. He then rang a bell and his senior manager, Mr.Varadarajan came, he posed him the same question, he rattled off the full details and this guy never visited the factory that I was in charge of, a computer too wouldn’t have given better answers. I felt embarrassed, it was humiliating. I had obviously not done my homework.

What is homework?

If we talk about homework in the workplace doing your homework could mean:

Preparation, Planning, Weighing the pros and cons, Prioritizing, Scheduling, Checking resources, Having information, clarifying needs, Organizing, Coming up with ideas, problem solving, making your to-do list, not-to-do list. Homework is something that you do behind the scene, something no one ever gets to see, everyone applauds the achievements but they never get to see the homework that goes behind it.

People who excel in their fields take their homework very seriously putting in hours and hours of work for example: do my homework for me

Musician – riyaz (practice)

Sportsmen – practice

Actors – dialogue delivery practice

In his book the outliers, Malcolm Gladwell tells us that to become a master at anything you need to practice your craft for 10,000 hours. That’s homework.

You need to do your homework if the next day you have to:

Give a presentation

Take part in a negotiation

Give a report to the board of directors

Launch a new product

Organize an event

Take an interview / Face an interview

Go on a journey

When you have to invest money


Go to a meeting

Why do we find it difficult to do the homework?

Distractions – TV/SMS / Facebook / Twitter /Mobile / Internet / friends / lot of pleasurable activities some other reasons could be, the tendency to take things easy / maybe other seemingly urgent things come up / or may be just plain laziness

We may have developed negative associations to homework from our school days Even today schools and parents are divided on whether children should be given homework or not. Homework could be something we don’t like to do, which I have already admitted, but then, life is filled with things we don’t like to do, but I strongly feel the habit of doing homework teaches self-discipline, development of work habits, time management, research skills, reinforcement of known techniques, and other non-academic life skills.



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