How To Use Adhesive Size Labels on Clothing in Your Retail Store

How To Use Adhesive Size Labels on Clothing in Your Retail Store

Many new clothing retail stores open each week and a lot of them are small family run shops. There is a lot of cost involved with running a clothing store and there are great advantages of knowing where to buy your store fixtures and supplies.

As of now, smaller stores are using hang tags for the clothes. This can be a pain and will puncture the clothing. Small store owners can’t really compete with the money that these larger department stores have to use for custom printed size strips and adhesive size labels (size stickers).

When starting out, I suggest placing clear size strip labels on folded shirts and jeans to make it look like a major department store setting. A lot of newer stores just end up hanging clothes up. That is OK but try not to bunch the clothing up so much that it looks like your home closet. It gets overwhelming. Try separating the clothes either by color and size but make sure to keep enough space between the hanging apparel. When folding jeans, make sure they stack no more than 5 pair high. DHL etiketten

If you are just starting out, make a list of the sizes you will be carrying such as women’s pant sizes, mens hem and inseam sizes, junior, toddlers and infant sizes. There are so many so by keeping a list will really help.

Most toddler and infant clothing is hung up. The best approach for the children’s apparel is to place a clear round size dot on the sleeve so that when parents are flipping through the clothes they can quickly find the size they are looking for. Make sure to purchase size stickers from only companies that create these stickers with apparel safe adhesive. Make sure to ask so that the stickers do not harm your clothing.

If you do have to use hang tags along with size stickers, I would suggest a great cost saving way of doing it. Order business cards online and place your company info on the front and pricing details on the back. You can get hundreds of full color gloss cards for around $25.00. You then use a hang tag puncher to attach to your clothing.

Until now the size sticker options were limited and pricing was high. There are now places that create and keep in stock hundreds of various size labels to buy for less than a gallon of gas. Make sure to do your research for the right company.



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