Why Drink Alkaline Water? Stop & Reverse Degeneration

Why Drink Alkaline Water? Stop & Reverse Degeneration

90 % of our body is made up of water. This is a high percentage to ignore. The one thing essential for the human body after oxygen is water. In cultures where fasting rituals are carried out, the toughest fasts are those where no water is allowed to be had either. So exactly what functions does water carry out in our body and why should we drink alkaline water.

Water performs three basic functions in our body. One is to carry various nutrients to the cells, secondly to carry back toxins from the cells and lastly water helps regulate the body temperature by hydration. Water contains both organic as well as inorganic minerals. The human body can only use the organic minerals, since only plants can convert the inorganic into organic minerals. Normal water contains over 95% inorganic minerals. This is where alkaline or ionized water comes in. These inorganic minerals cause problems like kidney stones, gallstones and worse still arthritis. alkaline water

After years of research it has been found that higher acidic body ph causes degeneration. All kinds of diseases as well as the aging process is the result of degeneration. Ionized water rids the body of this acidic levels and balances the body ph to its alkaline nature. Alkaline water contains not only oxygen in the form of O2 but also OH- which is an ionized alkaline mineral. When the body is deprived of oxygen in the form of O2 it uses the OH- oxygen. Consuming ionized water over normal tap water has many benefits. Not only does alkaline water alkalize the body but also detoxifies the cells of the body. Various serious and chronic diseases like cancer, Osteoporosis, Kidney problems, migraines, and many more can be rid of with the sue of alkaline water. Medication can only shift the acidic level from one point to the other thus there is only temporary relief to be gotten from medications. Water that has been ionized on the other hand washes the acidic levels out of the body by balancing them by alkalizing the cells. 6 to 8 glasses of ionized water a day is enough to maintain a healthy life which is free of diseases.

Alkaline water along with an alkaline diet is the call of today’s health experts. Not only does this water help maintain the alkaline ph level of the body but it also rids the water of the inorganic nutrients that normal water has. Alkaline or ionized water can be bought from most general stores and is a must for all ages. Stop and reverse degeneration by drinking alkaline water.


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