Why Should We Recycle Electronic Equipment?

Why Should We Recycle Electronic Equipment?

Recycling electronic equipment helps reduce pollution that would normally be emitted while manufacturing a new product and the need to extract valuable and limited virgin resources. Recycling electronics is good for the environment and our local communities.

When people just throw away large volumes of electronics it is a waste of very valuable recyclable resources. Most components in electrical equipment, including the hazardous components, can be safely recycled through proper recycling companies. Disposal is not the answer. now goto zoppah

It is always a much safer idea to ensure you pass computers and other electronics need to be properly handled by a responsible recycling company rather than being sent to a waste disposal company.
There are a number of companies these days that will pick up electrical equipment without charge. If more and more companies start to provide this free service, people will think about recycling there electrical equipment more.

How do we dispose of this technology? Computer monitors, televisions, circuit boards, and other electronics contain excess heavy metals so they cannot be disposed of in the trash. These also include mercury, bromide, flame retardants, and importantly lead, which threaten ground water if left in landfills. Lead is also a main component of monitors and television screens.

Manufacturers and recyclers are analyzing dozens of approaches to identify cost-effective, environmental methods of managing end of life electronics. An important aspect of these analyses is the identification of the environmental regulations-particularly those under the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and its state counterparts-that would apply. Manufacturers are leading the way on this issue.



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